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Why We Shoot in Apartments.

You have your shoot scheduled, and it's the address of an apartment complex. Confusing? Maybe. Who are these guys who choose to shoot in an apt vs. a studio? We've considered this greatly, and have narrowed down a few reasons why it's important to the vision of The Match Artist.

1.) A Studio is Where You Make It. We've shot in a variety of places. From actual studios, to apartments, to hotels, to client's apartments. Our signature headshot look is far more about the posing and facial expressions than the actual place we're shooting in. We will set up a black backdrop, as well as our continuous lighting equipment, and this is the basis for our headshot session that has girls swiping right. Nearly all headshots in the portfolio are simply our backdrop, and a few lights. The beauty in a photo coming alive results from facial expression coaching, not a fancy studio.



We try to set up an apartment in a way that makes you feel comfortable shooting. Whether it's the setup in the bathroom to help you get ready, or the beer in the fridge to get you in the mood to shoot. It's all planned out, and it's important to us that we get as many useable shots as possible. It's also crucial to have a space to coach you through a variety of facial expressions that will help you both in the photos, and in the long run.

3.)Hobbies + Interests The only thing we hold in similar emphasis to facial expressions is showing who YOU are. We have no interest in lying to the women of the internet about what you look like, or what you like to do. You are a very intriguing person in your own unique way, and we aim to show this off. An apartment lends itself to an array of props to show what you're interested. This limits how much you have to haul in your vehicle, and helps you focus purely on your look and clothing. Just at my apartment alone, (Nick, the Photographer and blogger) the variety of photos that can be reached is far more than a studio or your average hotel.

-Kitchen: Maybe you're a stellar cook and would like to show this off. Let's get a shot of you cutting up some greens, or wearing an apron, or frying up some eggs in a pan. Chicks love a man who can make breakfast.

foodpic-1413 food-7973

-Coffee Bar + Alcohol Bar: Mix up a cocktail, make a pourover coffee - whatever you're into. There's a space for this. Remember; online dating, instagram and the rest of it - it's all about showing how interesting you are, otherwise you're just like the rest of the poor-selfie-takers.


-Music room: Maybe you play piano? We have one. Maybe you play guitar, we have 3 of them. We also have a CDJ setup, a synth, and a drum machine, if you happen to be into any that.

hobbyroom-1429-2 hobbyroom-8489

-Common areas: Maybe it's you chilling on the couch pretending you are playing video games, or sitting at the bar on a stool, or playing a boardgame at our hightop table. Maybe even yoga on the patio? These are all quick and easy potentials for inside an apartment that aren't as easily acessible in other locations.

-Pool. There's a pool at the apt, which gives us ample opportunity to show off those abs, but in a casual candid sort of way. A 7 foot depth allows you to dive, but only if you feel comfortable with it.

poolpic-8895 poolpic-8665

-Outdoor: There are plenty of opportunities to shoot in grassy / tree filled areas, as well as possibly sitting in a hammock on the patio, and if youre the type to say "Not my dog" in the profile, we have a lovely one.


These are just a few reasons why we like shooting in apartments, and we can even come to yours if that makes you feel more comfortable. Again, we want to get as many quality shots as possible, in the least amount of time.

We look forward to shooting with y'all soon,

Nicholas, The Match Artist photographer.

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