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Which Match Artist Package is Right for You?

Choosing the right package is very important, and will certainly leave you with great, but different results.

The Match Artist offers three different packages depending on what you're looking for. We have:

  • Executive Package: $799
  • The Match Artist Special: $399
  • Power Session: $199

Scroll down to read + see examples.



Time: Roughly 3 hours.

Expectation: Bring 5-10 collared shirts - both short and long sleeved, a variety of casual t-shirts, and a few logo-tees - if that's your thing. We'll begin with facial expression + body language coaching, followed by a studio headshot guaranteed to make you pop in comparison to the competition. The coaching you'll receieve will help you appear natural and confident in front of the camera, because this is most important in appearing appealing online. We'll tweak certain poses (move your chin up, now down, now turn to the side, move your shoulders this and that way, etc.) to acheive that perfect angle. This shot could be used as a linkedIn style photo, as well as one for online dating to show you mean business. From here, we'll adventure through town and take shots of you in your element. Casually walking down the street in a nice jacket, kayaking down the river, having a drink at the bar - etc. We have a tote full of potential hobbies to show yourself off to the internet. Yoga mat in the park, baseball bat, frisbee, football, sunglasses, etc. Feel free to bring your own that you'd like to show off. The executive package is about making you look as intriguing as possible in different outfits and scenarios. You'll update all your dating sites + apps, as well as having plenty of content for facebook profile pictures, cover photos, and layered instagram content for weeks and months to come.

Check the images below for examples of the Executive Package shoots. You'll have over 100 edited images to use as you'd like, as well as a PDF of how we recommend you use the photos to their greatest potential.

craig-1919 phillip-7765 raycervania-2729


Time: 1 hour

Expectation: Bring a few of your favorite outfits that you'd like to be represented in, and we'll go from there. A few dressy, a few casual, and a few sporty - if that's your thing. The photographer will coach you through your body language and facial expressions, and we'll spend some time getting a really killer headshot that could range from your tinder profile to a linked in photo. This will take roughly 30-40 percent of the shoot depending on how well you respond to the coaching. Some are quicker at learning than others. After this, you'll change outfits, and we'll get some outdoor shots. Maybe on a balcony with a glass of wine, maybe by a pool, or maybe near a grouping of trees to make you really stand out. For more locations and quite a few more shots, you're going to want to look at the executive package, but if you're looking for something simple to jumpstart your online dating game without getting too fancy, this is certainly the way to go. You'll receive 20-30 edited shots showing your confident self and you'll be ready to go. Click on the photos below to view some example galleries of 'Match Artist Special' Shoots.

benjamin-8524 cameron-2636 mikhael-3108


Time: 20 Minutes

Expectation Our signature shot is the dramatically lit, moody studio shot that you won't find from many photographers. Further, this shot, after some facial coaching, is designed to grab the attention of online lookers to get extra swipes and have you go on more dates. The facial expression coaching could last anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on how quick of a learner you are, and how well you're already able to maniuplate your facial xpressions. The remainder of the shoot will be spent shooting in the studio we've setup. The studio consists of a black backdrop and four continuous light panels to shape light on your facial features. The panels are adjusted depending on your structure to pull out features like your jawline, eyes, and mouth. You'll end up with around 10 edited headshots - all similar in lighting, but a slight variety in facial expressions so you can pick your absolute favorite. We'll give you a recommendation, but you can certainly go with the one you feel expresses yourself the most. For additional outfits and outdoor shots, choose "The Match Artist Special" above, and for even more locations, some bar shots, and a huge variety for all of your online dating and social media, take a look at "The Executive Package".

graham-0963 (1)


Let's just say it includes everything above and more. A full day shoot, a course in online dating, and enough photos to blow your competition out of the water. Inquire for pricing and availability.

Booking will be live tomorrow, so watch your emails for the link. For now, have a look at some of our other work:


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