Flying to Austin for a Shoot? Here Are Some Fun Things to do.

Nick, the photographer here.

Austin has and unlimited potential for fun. If you're flying in for a shoot, we've put together some enjoyable experiences either before or after your shoot.


In my experience traveling, Austin has one of the best coffee communities in the United States, and maybe even the world. With multiple roasters in town, as well as a few multi-roasters, it's probably my favorite city for coffee outside of San Francisco.

If you have time, I would consider Flat Track Coffee. It's a coffee shop and bike shop. They have incredibly knowledgeable staff, and they roast their own delicious beans on an old Probat roaster. Fleet Coffee is a multi-roaster, but the best cup of coffee I've ever had has been there. Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors is also an excellent choice. Feel free to check out my coffee blog - and click the 'Austin' tab to see some photos before you check it out.

fleetcoffee-8319 figure8coffee-8534


For an evening out, a few place I enjoy are 'Last Straw'. A tiki-style bar with some delicious bar food. I personally enjoy the burger bowl. Brew-and-Brew is pretty incredible, due to them serving both heart coffee, and a wide selection of local brews. If you're looking for a dive bar atmosphere with a great cocktail, check out Nickel City in East Austin. Although I have not yet been, I've heard 'Small Victory' has some of the better cocktails in town. Another favorite of mine is "Better Half" which has a pretty delicious burger, as well as a variety of craft beers.

Sport Activities

Rent a kayak, visit a rockclimbing gym, or go to one of the many parks near the river that Austin offers. There is plenty to explore. If you're into hiking, check out one of the Greenbelt hiking locations. It's gorgeous, near the river, and has a variety of hiking trails. You've probably seen the lime scooters in a variety of cities, but for a casual outdoor activity, hop between places on these in-expensive scooters and enjoy the views of the city this way.

Additonal Fun

If you're the type for the cinema, check out an Alamo Draft house - founded in Austin in 1997. Relax with a new film, order some food, and drink a few beers.

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