The Perfect Match: Quality over Quanitity

Okay y'all. We boast our increased matches online, and this is certainly true, but what if you're the type looking to settle down with that unique special someone that shares your values and interests. I feel this is what most want eventually, but The Match Artist serves a variety of needs. Let's talk about two general ways we shoot to help you find the matches you're looking for.

General Profile Okay, so not quite 'general', but maybe standard is a better word for it. We're going to shoot your best angles, with your favorite hobbies, but not the most unique of your hobbies. A general profile with professional photos of you doing interesting, but not completely off-the-wall things is more likely to garner you a larger quantity of matches. For some, the quantity is what matters most. Maybe you want to go on as many casual dates as possible, then we will shoot this way for you. Let's just throw out a number that if you swipe right on 500 women, 100 swipe back in your favor. These are most likely general profiles, and women that find that main image attractive. You're not reeling in the one that finds your metal figurine collection, your board game obsession, or your virtual ant farm interesting. We've somewhat excluded those things for you to ease them in later. We get it, a lot of us guys have strange hobbies - I certainly do myself, and showing them off in a profile isn't for everyone.

Imagine two different profiles from the same person. Let's say our guy plays a lot of boardgames, he's a software developer, and he enjoys going to see metal shows on the weekend. Each of these things can be show in a photograph, but wont be necessarily the attention grabber for all women, but this is alright. Now, consider a profile of the same guy where we put him in the woods, take a shot in a hammock, and a photo at a bar socializing. This second one is our more general profile.

Let's go back to our supposed 100/500 ratio of a general profile. This general profile has gotten you MORE matches, but by not including photos of your unique hobbies, the 20-30 of the right matches for you already swiped left because your profile was general.


You as an individual have to consider what you're looking for. Yeah, you could have a lot of fun from a general profile with a higher quantity of matches, but at the expense of a smaller group of women that don't swipe right because of your lack of individuality. In summary, we can create a profile for quantity or quality depending on what you want. 100 general matches, or 20 unique matches you're more likely to click with.

Again, we're never lying about who you are as a person, but it's up to you how you'd like to be shown online based on what you've read in this blog. We generally say to opt toward you being yourself.

A further example of my personal tinder before I found a girlfriend.

I have quite a few hobbies, but not all are interesting to every woman. I sometimes a shot of me with my camera, a shot of me DJing, a shot of me making a pourover coffee, or a shot of me rock climbing, etc. I could've gone with a general profile of a professional photo of me smiling at the camera, but I opted toward the hobby route. Possibly less matches, but the right matches. What are you looking for?

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