San Fransisco Cafes: Best spots to take your date.

I've been to San Francisco a number of time, but one day was spent purely visiting coffee shops. I made it to ten throughout the day, and it's probably the most caffeinated I've ever been. I was in an insane haze, but at least it was enough to produce this blog of my favorite shops in SFO.

Fellow Coffee

By far the best possible coffee-date spot in SFO. This 'cafe' is an interactive coffee lesson taught by my friend Johnny. You walk in, choose from a variety of the coffees they have at the time, then you walk to the back areay - 'The Playground', and he teaches you to brew the coffee as a pourover. You just pay a few dollars for the coffee you use. It's really a fun experience, and you can learn as much about the coffee process as you'd like - they are all incredibly friendly there. I've gone in a few times, and it's always been a very enjoyable time.

fellowcoffee-0900 fellowcoffee-0888 fellowcoffee-0876 fellowcoffee-0896

Saint Frank Coffee

Some of the best coffee in the city, as well as a gorgeous location. All the baristas were really friendly, and they put a lot of effort into the customer experience.

saint-frank-sfo-0996 saint-frank-sfo-2 saint-frank-sfo-2-6

Ritual Coffee

This is a happenin' place. Incredibly busy, but a lively atomosphere - and good for some prime people watching. Whether you need to get some work done, or grab a pourover for a date, this place is a good time.

ritualcoffeesfo-0687 ritualcoffeesfo-0622 ritualcoffeesfo-0614

Not in SFO?

I also run a coffee website on the side, so maybe your city is on the list of places I've been?

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