Effectively Showing the most Value on Tinder: An Experiment

So you've shot with the match artist, or another photographer - and you have quite a few quality photographs. There are photos of you in different scenarios, with hobbies, props, and a variety of outfits. You're now tasked with making that decision of what best displays you in six to nine photos. If a woman likes a few of those, she may read your bio. If she likes that, she may browse your connected instagram.

What if you could show more of your value without forcing women to leave the tinder/bumble portal to your instagram? Yes, we want them there eventually, but what if you could combine multiple photos of you doing what you love to look much more attractive. In the photos below, I've put together a few sections, or collages - of a few of my hobbies to help gain more interest. I've divided them into:
Travel and Adventure

IMG 0730

Photography- It's my fulltime gig, so I have plenty of photos of me doing this.
IMG 0731

My Travel Pose - It's something I've done for awhile, so it shows both adventure, as well as coordination + athleticism.

IMG 0733
Headshots - I have a variety of studio headshots to show I don't just have one photosession.

IMG 0734
Coffee - Probably the most important hobby to me, but maybe not to others. Brewing and appreciating coffee.

IMG 0732

After this, I've added a few additional photos to pad the profile, but my thought is that the added photos will increase value.

To do for you:

Go through your entire photo library from the past few years. Group photos in to hobbies, interests, headshots, etc. Consider what may be most interesting to women, or what you'd most like to find in a woman, then download a collage app and go to work.

This will be much easier if you've already shot with us, as you'll have a variety of photos already to pair with some of your older ones. Not to be a salesman, but some guys have shot with us a few times to really knock out a variety in their photos.

Remember, showing yourself uninterested in the camera, and consumed in an attractive hobby is the best way to garner interest from others.


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