Minneapolis Cafes: Where to take your date.

Hey Y'all, Nick here. The coffee freak, and also our photographer.

Any city I visit, whether shooting for The Match Artist, or just general for-fun travel, I seek out the best coffee shops I can find. I care about quality coffee, but also interesting spaces that are conducive for both work and dates. I've found some lovely cafes in Minneapolis to share with you, and hopefully they can partner with you to make a date go really well.

Dogwood Coffee

They have a few locations in Minneapolis, but their brand new location sits in North East Minneapolis. It's the location of their roastery, but also a giant cafe with plenty of seating options, and lots of outlets. With a few parking lots on site, it's easy to get in and out without walking too far - which is especially nice in the winter months. In my opinion, they roast the most delicious coffee in Minneapolis, and have options for beer, as well. Check it out if you're able.

dogwood-match-6007 dogwood-match-5999 dogwood-match-5984 dogwood-match-5965

Parallel Coffee

It's been open about a year now, it has a parking, and it's in the North Loop just a few blocks from the Target Center. The location is fairly large and swanky, and they serve pretty good coffee, and also food. I'm not sure if it would reach 'coffee connoisseur' level, but it's close - most wouldn't notice at all. I like the vibe with plants throughout the space, as well as a variety of seating (stools,to tables, to couches). It might be a bit more obscure if you're trying to take someone a place they've never been before.

coffee-match-6110 coffee-match-6081 coffee-match-6093

Anelace Coffee

Wonderful coffee, and a really neat space. They sell Counter Culture Coffee, which is one of my favorites. This is also probably a lesser known cafe to some, so bringing someone here could be a delightful experience.

anelacecoffee-2918 anelacecoffee-2878 anelacecoffee-2883

Five Watt Coffee

One of the first cafes I ever went to in Minneapolis. The owner is super passionate about coffee and connecting with the customers. This is the place to go if you like specialty drinks. Lattes and Mochas, but with a tasty twist. Think cocktails, but for coffee.

fivewattcoffee-9268 download

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