Let's Talk About: Hinge

Here's an app I've been really enjoying for a while now. It seems to have surpassed the general 'hookup' apps toward their slogan, "Designed to be Deleted". It's a free app, and allows some interesting features, while still keeping the standard 'Swipe Right, Swipe Left' model. I'll talk a bit about the app below. But first, here's a fun shot from last night's shoot.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 9.14.55 PM

Likes The unique aspect of this app is the ability to choose certain parts of an individuals profile that you enjoy. It's set up with a few questions that you can customize. You answer those questions, and your profile is built by scattering your answers in between the photos you choose to upload. You then swipe through until you find someone you like. Then, you'll throw a like in their direction on either one of their photos, or one of their responses to the questions. This works in the opposite direction, of course - so if someone likes a rockclimbing photo of mine, I might be inclined to think that they find that part of me interesting, and that we've found something in common, rather than just a general like that leaves you guessing as to why they like you at all. Here are a few screenshots from my profile to give you any idea:

IMG 0828 IMG 0825 IMG 0827 FullSizeR


They offer a few premium features for those who pay. 1 Month for $9.99, 3 for $19.99, and 6 for 29.99. With this you wont be capped at the number of likes you send per day, you can see everyone who likes you right away, and you can set advanced filters like education + politics.

I'm surprised many clients haven't heard of this app, and I really think it's worth giving a try over some of the other newer ones. To reiterate, it's unique because I like the ability to like specific aspects of someone's profile to spur quality conversation faster than just a standard like.

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