Ketosis Guide: How I dropped over 50 pounds in a few months.

It's Nick - The Match Artist photographer. Here is my before and after photos when I joined the Ketosis lifestyle. What a huge difference.

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That's quite a difference from photo one to photo two. That's 260lbs vs 210, and I owe it all to the keto diet. It's a fast and reliable way to lose weight, or cut off any remaining fat in front of your six pack. It's essentially a no-carb diet, but I've given some personal advice below!

Keto Guide

Keto, or Ketosis is a state of the body where it is using fats for energy instead of carbs. If you starve your body of carbs for three to four days, you will begin to find energy in low carb, fatty foods. Carbs are sugars, so many of the foods you generally eat are off limits. We will have a goal of staying under 15-20 grams of carbs every day. Your body will struggle for a couple of days, but you will get used to it.

Foods with carbs:

Any fruits. Most diets allow fruits, but not on this diet - they are loaded with carbs (sugars). This includes tomatoes - which transfers over to ketchup (get low sugar ketchup if you need it) Soda of any sort. Drink Diet pop, or coke zero. It will be bland at first, but once your body switches over, it will taste like the sweetest thing in the world. To give perspective, you’re trying to stay under 20g per day, and a Coca-Cola has at least 40g. Potatoes. Never, just don’t This was the most difficult thing for me before, because I love french fries, and pretty much every other way potatoes are prepared. Bread. Also, just no. Try to stay away from even a bite of a sandwich from a friend, because you’ll just want another one. Chocolate. This is probably a given, but also tons of carbs.

Foods to eat:

So, if possible, stay with as much filler foods as possible. Like salads, most vegetables, and such. Put lots of cheese, bacon, meats on the salads. Ranch and Mayo are also fair game. Mustard has a lot of flavor with this diet if that’s something you enjoy, and also zero carbs.

Crunchy: Pork Rinds. I'm the munchie type, and if you want something that's similar in crunch and salt to potato chips, these are the way to go. They are hard to find, but they satisfy that crunchy need, and they are just fat, not carbs.

Burgers: Just ask places if they can lettuce wrap the burger. Hardees will lettuce wrap anything on their menue.

Eggs / Omelettes: Eat lots of eggs with cheese and bacon. There's a local place in my area that serves a 6 egg omelette, and that usually does the trick for me.

Sweet Tooth: Atkins bars / shakes from the grocery store. They are spendy - usually about a dollar for a small bar, but it’s chocolate with little carbs. These taste better and bette the longer you've been on the diet. This is becaue your body isn't getting it's normal intake of carbs (which are sugars), so replacement sugars taste extremely sweet.

Pancakes: No, you can’t have pancakes, but there is a keto replacement for most things. You can make keto pancakes, keto tortillas, and even keto pizza. Some have even attempted keto pasta.

Hotdogs: These were my friend on keto. Lots of cheese and meat. I tried to find the spiciest things possible to slow me down from eating too quickly so I would fill up faster.

Alcohol: Try to avoid it if you can. I was a huge drinker, and I avoided it for the first 30 days and lost 28 pounds. You can have most straight liquors if you need your fix, but just look at it like you’ve lost 1-2 days of weight loss since alcohol slows down the process.


Hardees will lettuce wrap anything on their menu, so this is convienent, and you can’t go wrong with somewhere that has a giant omelette.

Random Additonal tips:

Assume everything has carbs before you check. You can subtract dietary fiber from the carbs. Exercise will be harder because you won’t have as much cardio / strength energy, but as far as living energy, you’ll feel a lot better after 3-4 days. Drink lots of coffee, but also lots of water for energy. You’ll poop a lot less on the diet, that’s why coffee is important to keep things going. Salt and pepper things like crazy for flavor, put mayo on everything. It seems crazy, but I dropped 50 pounds on the diet. Even a few weeks out from your shoot, you could drop a significant amount of weight if you put the effort into this diet.

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