Getting in the Groove for a Headshot: Michael

Finding the confidence to really nail that headshot is incredibly difficult. Facial expressions are nearly universal, and they are natural. Meaning, if someone scares you, you'll exhibit fear on your face. If you're in a situation where you'll have to fight someone, you'll naturally show confidence with your facial muscles. It's amazing how subtle movements in your face can entirely change your expression and vibe. Now, we have to get you to show these same facial expressions on command and there's a few ways I attempt to get you in the mood to show that confident, yet approachable look.

Here's Michael. Here is a photo of him before we found what brings out his confidence. He looks scared and slightly confused.


Enter Shane He puts a Michael Jackson song on the speaker, and the mood entirely switched. We learned how important a music playlist is to certain individuals. If you're going to shoot with us, feel free to put together a Spotify playlist that gets you in the mood. He didn't even realize it was happening until we had the photos we needed, and for the rest of the shoot we blasted MJ. Check the confidence change:

austin-headshot-0624 austin-headshot-0601 austin-headshot-0615 austin-headshot-0595 austin-headshot-0591 austin-headshot-0580 austin-headshot-0606

So, get your playlist ready for your session - it will be a giant help.

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