Prepping for Future Dating Amongst Coronavirus

This is a difficult time for most of us. Even if you're working from home, you probably have way more time to pursue other activities. In the mean time, you can become more dateable. Instead of snuggling up to Netflix, purpose your time to learn a new skill to become more intriguing to a potential date. Here's a guide from our photographer with some potential skills + hobbies you could acquire during this quarantine.

Coffee Most people like a good cup of coffee, and especially if it's prepared in front of them. This is something I've used a number of times on dates, as well as just enjoying the finer things in life. Most of your locally roasting cafes are probably struggling for business, so start off by purchasing a bag of beans. Ask them to grind them to pour-over size, and they should oblige. Order yourself a V60 coffee cone dripper, some filters, a cheap gram scale, and a gooseneck kettle. You can get started in this hobby for around $50, and there are plenty of guides on the internet for how to make the perfect V60 pourover. Start experimenting yourself, and when in person dating comes back around, you'll have a fun activity to do together.


Learn an Instrument I've played both the piano and guitar for years. This is surely impressive on dates, but also very therapeutic when you're locked up alone. With a budget of $200-300, you can get a basic acoustic guitar and begin learning. There are plenty of video teaching services, but if you're the type that learns things easily, youtube tutorials will do you just fine.


Music I've been trying to diversify my music taste while isolated. You don't have to know anything about playing music in order to get a taste for different genres. Most just stick to the hits they like, but when you really start to venture out toward other genres, you'll learn a lot about yourself. This isn't for everyone, but my current method involves choosing an artist, making a playlist of their entire discography from first to most recent album, and going from there. I make my playlists on spotify, as well as another playlist called "intriguing 'band name' tracks'. Each time I stumble upon a track I like for a particular reason, I add to this playlist. For me, this is the perfect way to see what an artist wanted you to hear. For example, 7+ hours of Radiohead in one sitting was truly a treat, and artists are rarely experienced in their entirety all at once. I make a list of artists from different genres that I want to listen to in a particular week in the form of a todo list. Have it on in the background while you're working, or cleaning - you might enjoy this method.

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Sourdough Bread This is something I did a few years ago, and got back into recently. It's an intense skill, but at the heart of it - a bit of flour, a bit of water, and a pinch of salt can really make some beautiful and tasty bread that's restaurant quality. All you need to start is a bag of flour, a container of salt, and a cast-iron dutch oven. You'll make what breadmakers call a 'starter' over the course of a week, then use this to make all of your future bread. There are countless tutorials online, but this is a simple, yet complex hobby that could be fun for future dates, but most importantly your own enjoyment.

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Photography This has been one of the most beneficial hobbies to my dating life. Not only can you learn to take better photos of yourself, but you can also artistically capture things you seein the world. You can get a basic setup for under $500 and start taking photos. It's a fun learning process, and you can upload all of your shots to instagram. It's easy to let your mind die during this quarantine, but this will keep it active.

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Art This could be helpful in conversation on dates, but it's also really fun to learn about the history of art. This also ties to photography portion. I credit my photography abilities to studying art history. Seeing what the world finds appealing changes your pepec

tive. I bought a text book called 'Art Through the Ages' a while ago, and have learned a lot from it.


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