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Branding Yourself on Instagram for More Matches

Why a Branded Instagram Connected to Dating Apps is Important

Alright, so you have a prospective someone what swipes into your profile on one of the many sites people are using these days. Whether it’s tinder, bumble, Okcupid, or Match. They make that split second decision to either swipe right or left...or, they want to creep a bit. To vet you. This manifests in possibly swiping through your photos, reading your bio, or.. your Instagram Account.

Many people we’ve shot with do not even have an instagram, and if they do, they don’t keep it current, and it isn’t very well put together. Most that do have one seem to have uploaded a sandwich they ate 3 years ago taken on an iPhone 4. Instagram is incredibly important in showing your brand as a person, a consistency of what you like to do, and providing extra value to the people of the internet. I’m Nick, the photographer for The Match Artist, and I’m going to walk you through some of the more important reasons for connecting your instagram to dating apps, as well as how to effectively add value to your dating life through a branded Instagram.

Branding Yourself

Internet dating, and most of social media is shallow. We’re not encouraging you to lie to your followers about who you are, but rather to present the most interesting version of yourself that you possibly can. People don’t really care what you ate for lunch that day, unless it’s truly a stellar photo. They don’t care about silly selfies unless you’re a beautiful woman, but in that case, anything she posts is going to garner far more likes than the average man. Be thinking about how to intrigue your followers both with photos and captions. After shooting with The Match Artist, you will have more photos than will fit on your dating apps, so what to do with the extras? Instagram, Facebook profile photo, and cover photo.

This is where it becomes time to layer those professional photos you had taken by us, as well as your own life. You’re not going to post three headshots in a row, because that would look absurd on Instagram. Interesting captions are going to get far more engagement than ones that simply say, “Playing soccer.” or “at the beach today.” Share a story of what you did that day, invite your followers into a memory of why you posted a particular photo. I’d also encourage posting ‘change of routine’ photos as a way to get engagement and show people that you’re worth talking to. It could be weight loss, taking up a new hobby, or traveling somewhere new. In a larger city where the dating pool is so large, there is quite a bit of competition, and if you’re intriguing enough through your photos, you can rise to the top of that list. I’ve gone out with women specifically because they enjoyed how I branded my instagram. Yes, I’m a photographer, but after shooting with us, you’ll have your own professional photos to show you off to the world.

This seems odd, but make a list of how you can best curate your instagram to look smart, funny, attractive, and well-rounded. Trickle in the photos to present all of these charictaristics, and you’ll be on your way to more dates. We attempt to show off these photos off in your profiles, but maybe you have more hobbies than you’re able to effectively show in your profile.

Here are a few recent screenshots from my profile. They do a great job of varying all the things I do on a consistent basis.

IMG 1569 IMG 1568 IMG 1567

For example, I’m a hobby addict. I’m a photographer of both dudes for online dating, weddings, and portraits. I run a coffee website, I DJ techno music at clubs, I bake sourdough bread as an obsession, I skateboard, I rock climb, I compose + teach piano/guitar, and I travel probably more frequently than the average person. This isn’t to sound pretentious, but I simply cannot include everything I do on a daily/weekly basis in my profile outside of my bio, which is where instagram comes in handy. I’m not bad looking, but I’m certainly not in the 9/10 range, so I push hard into ‘promoting myself’ through instagram, even so much so that I’ve created multiple instagrams to manage my various hobbies. This isn’t something you need to do, but I just have too much content to post on a single instagram.

On the topic of Instagram + dating websites, if you see a cutie that lists her instagram on her profile, go ahead and give her a follow, even if you don’t match. They may follow you back purely because of your wonderful content. I wouldn’t necessarily slide into the DMs immediately, but maybe she interacts with your content in the future and you’d be able to make a connection this way.

Picking an Instagram Handle

This is your username. Make it something that's easy to remember and simple to spell if you just spoke it aloud to someone. In the new-age we're in, many find it much more comfortable to exchange instagrams than phone numbers. Mine is which is also my website for wedding photography, so it's both easy to list off to someone I just met and have them add me. This allows you a future connection, as well as them seeing your continued posts.

Additional Instagram

This goes beyond what you're linking to your profile. I'd recommend your main one as your app-connection, but maybe you have a hobby that you'd like to turn into a full-blown instagram. This may seem a bit overboard, but I have accounts for personal, coffee, rock climbing, craft beer, wedding photography, and my techno music. Each, outside of the personal account are very specific to those hobbies I participate in, and I can keep connected to people I meet based on how I meet them. Maybe I'm at a cafe and I'm nerding out about craft coffee with someone, I'd share my coffee instagram. Maybe I'm at the rock climbing gym and meet someone new, I want them to stay in my rock climbing community, since that's their interest, and my best chance of continuing a connection with them. I also have an account for my pitbull, which comes in handy when I have my dog around. Women approach asking to pet my dog, to which I can share the dogs instagram account.

In summary, branding yourself on instagram can have a huge impact on dates if someone happens to check it out while browsing your profile.

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