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Austin, Texas: Best Coffee Shops to Impress a Date

I've been coffee hunting for awhile now as a hobby. From LA and San Fransisco, to Seattle, to NYC, to Paris, Amsterdam, London and more. Out of the places I've visited, Austin, TX has been one of my favorite coffee cities. Both in the experience of the establishment, and the quality of the coffee. Piggy-backing off of the 'How to make a Pour over blog', I'll now recommend some coffee shops you should visit if you're taking a girl out. Each cafe offers a different vibe, but I'll order them starting with my favorites. I try to take photos at each place to share the vibe with others, so I'll include those as well. I also have a coffee website on the side if you want more detailed shots of each cafe -
But first, a coffee map: My favorite spots in Austin.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 4.51.03 PM

You maybe haven't heard of some of these, because they are specialty coffee shops. The hospitality + coffee quality is some of the best you'll find in Texas. You're both likely to have your date enjoy her coffee, as well as show her a spot she's never been. Fleet Coffee Co.
The best pourover I've ever had was served here. The baristas are top notch, and this is a wonderful place to buy coffee beans, as well as get a wonderful experience from the staff. It's a very quaint location with not much square footage inside, but that is part of it's charm. It's in the shape of a triangle and has counter seating, as well as a few two person mini-tables.

coffeesmall-8375 coffeesmall-8333 coffeesmall-8349 fleetcoffee-0792 fleetcoffee-0479

Flat Track Coffee

Okay guys - this shop is incredibly unique. It's a high end coffee shop AND bike shop. Not something you find often. The baristas are super friendly and will talk bikes or coffee with you. Flat Track would be the ultimate end to a bike date, but also if you just want some delicious coffee. They have a back patio, as well as plenty of seating inside. Watch for some top quality hipsters at this joint. Only the best kind, though.

flattrack-2486 flattrack-2459 flattrack-0757 flattrack-2454 flattrack-2467

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors
They roast their own coffee and it's delicious. There's plenty of seating, and where Fleet and Flat Track don't have outlets, this place does. Whether you need to charge your phone, or it's a 'work date' this place has decent wifi and will do well for you. I spent quite a bit of time talking to the owner, and he's been working in coffee for 20 years. He's experience to give you a great cup of coffee and make sure you're taken care of. Check this place out.

figure8-2 figure8coffee-8559 figure8coffee-8539 figure8coffee-8534

I'll be adding more to this list in the future as I organize some other cafes, but an honorable mention is Houndstooth Coffee
They have a few locations in Austin, and they have a beautiful aesthetic, as well as one of them that turns into a cocktail bar after-hours.

ALSO, most of these shops will have gear to purchase if you're following the Make Your Date the Best Coffee She's Ever Had blog.

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